"There is no art where there is no style"

Oscar Wilde

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Lovingly handcraft

Exquisitely handcrafted crochet lamps designed by Anima Soulight. These elegant & unique creations will accentuate any environment, whether Classical, Modern or Bohemian, interior or exterior.

A perfect blend of art & illumination for your home, workplace, entertainment space & garden. Enjoy the attention, admiration & compliments these eye catching, timeless beauties will garner

Structure in Stainless Steel

Unassailable and unalterable

The stainless steel rings, which provide the shape & structure under the crochet satin, are unassailable & unaltered; particularly suitable in environments where salt can be a problem for many materials.

Unchanged over time and easy to wash

Made in Satin drawstring

Anima Soulight pendants are constructed using a satin twine. Satin is a smooth, glossy, sturdy & durable material and is extremely easy to clean.

Electric Kit Included

Easy to install

All our lamps are delivered including the electrical installation kit. Easy to assemble

Shopping Bag

Exclusive Shopping fashion Bag

Our lamps are individually packaged in the exclusive Shopping Bag that becomes a bag for every day, comfortable, roomy, resistant and fashion.


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