-20% on all lamps with discount coupon 20ANIMA

-20% on all lamps with discount coupon 20ANIMA


A pendant born from the meeting of metal and weave

The search for new designs is like an endless process when it comes to interior design. Artists always try to find new ways to convey their ideas through their creations, and even the smallest details may hide secrets you would never tell behind their creative process.

Anima Soul Light lamps are a solid example of what we are talking about. The Italian newborn project’s designs visibly try to convey a classic aesthetic while maintaining a stylish modernity.

The Anima Soul Light designers envisioned a selection of lamps that could put together the minimalism of today’s interior design high-collections while keeping their products connected to the original roots of traditional Balinese craftsmanship.

Months after months, slowly, the Anima Soul Light’s abstract concepts, deeply inspired by Balinese arts’ philosophy and history, became something tangible that could be touched and shown in its actual form.

“How did they do it?”, you may ask.

By selecting authentic materials that could make evident what the original intention was at the beginning of all: celebrating Bali culture and its people.

Satin: a traditional fabric

Satin is a traditional weave used for centuries by Balinese weavers, especially women, that offers a wide range of colors that would never indeed lose their gleam if cared for correctly. Nowadays, satin is widely employed for ceremonial Balinese clothes during religious events, and the use of it in a pendant clearly shows how Anima Soul Light designers’ thoughts during the creation of their designs to include this important aspect of the Balinese tradition in their lamps.

Moreover, the fact itself that satin offers a spread selection of colors makes the Anima Soul Light lamps versatile for any aesthetic. You may be the more classical type or prefer more contemporary interior pieces of home décor. You may be posh or minimalist. It doesn’t matter. Whatever you like, an Anima Soul Light lamp would probably fit in your tastes thanks to the master-class work craftspeople that collaborate with the project do with each product. And the pendants are even hand-weaved!

Stainless-steel: a modern and functional material

Choosing stainless-steel as the material of your lamps’ structure when you want to create an avant-garde piece of furniture is not common – if you think about it, after all. You’ll probably opt more for brass or change the design completely and use environmental-friendly materials to elevate your creation.

But, actually, stainless steel is definitely the cleverest choice if your goal is to make your product long-lasting and resistant.

The chemical composition of this particular metal makes the whole lamp’s structure rust-resistant even in the harshest environments. You will never have to worry about your lamp’s life, and when you bring it to your home, it will become part of your everyday life you will never give up to.

An easy-to-care blend between materials

The mix between satin and stainless steel is immensely customer-friendly because these two are two very resistant materials, especially to water. You don’t have to buy specific products if you want to clean your Anima Soul Light lamp. You just need water and soap. The pendant fabric can be simply hand-washed, and even if still damp, it will not damage the main metal structure.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want a clear-lined, resistant shining lamp, just go to Anima Soul Light online store and select the design you prefer. You may find a unique lamp that will brighten your days for a very long time.

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