-20% on all lamps with discount coupon 20ANIMA

-20% on all lamps with discount coupon 20ANIMA


Bringing Bali to your Home with Anima Soul Light

In the world of interior design, nothing quite compares to the unique blend of cultural heritage and modern flair embodied in each Anima Soul Light lamp. Through these lamps, you can bring the essence of Bali into your own home, no matter where you are in the world.

The Beauty of Balinese Craftsmanship

Balinese craftsmanship, renowned for its meticulous detail and artistic integrity, is at the heart of each Anima Soul Light creation. The island’s skilled artisans and their centuries-old techniques serve as the bedrock for these captivating designs.

Preservation of Tradition

In the hands of skilled Balinese artisans, traditional motifs are brought to life with stunning detail. Each Anima Soul Light lamp is a testament to this timeless craft, showcasing intricate patterns inspired by Indonesia’s natural environment and the island’s vibrant cultural tapestry.

Anima Soul Light: Where Culture Meets Contemporary Design

The magic of Anima Soul Light lies in the harmony between Balinese traditional artistry and modern Italian design principles. This fusion results in lighting fixtures that go beyond functionality, evolving into standalone pieces of art.

Handcrafted to Perfection

From the delicate satin lampshades to the minimalist stainless steel structures, every Anima Soul Light lamp is carefully handcrafted. The dedication and passion of the artisans are woven into each creation, resulting in a unique narrative of tradition and modernity.

Artistry that Shines

As the lamp illuminates, it casts enchanting patterns of light and shadow around the room, bringing to life the island’s serene landscapes and cultural heritage. Each Anima Soul Light lamp transforms your living space into a Balinese sanctuary.

Sustainability at the Heart of Anima Soul Light

Anima Soul Light embodies more than just aesthetics. It’s a commitment to sustainable production and the preservation of local communities and their crafts.

Green Design Principles

Each lamp is produced with an emphasis on waste prevention, energy conservation, and durability. This commitment to green design not only minimizes environmental impact but also results in superior quality lamps.

Supporting Local Communities

By focusing on handcrafted production, Anima Soul Light promotes job creation within local communities, ensuring equitable economic benefit distribution.

Anima Soul Light: More Than a Lamp

An Anima Soul Light lamp is more than a lighting fixture. It’s a slice of Bali’s rich cultural heritage, a piece of art, a symbol of sustainability, and a unique story woven with threads of tradition and modernity.

A Symphony of Light and Culture

With an Anima Soul Light lamp, you are not just illuminating your interiors. You are imbuing your space with the vibrant culture of Bali and the elegance of Italian design.

Your Commitment to Fair Trade and Sustainability

Each purchase is an investment in green design and fair trade practices, showing your support for a more sustainable and equitable world.


The unique blend of traditional Balinese craftsmanship and modern Italian design found in Anima Soul Light lamps is more than just a beautiful addition to your home. It’s a celebration of art, culture, and sustainability. It’s about bringing the soul of Bali into your living space, illuminating your home with a piece of this enchanting island’s spirit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What makes Anima Soul Light lamps unique? Anima Soul Light lamps blend traditional Balinese craftsmanship with modern Italian design. Each lamp is handcrafted, reflecting the artisans’ connection with their craft and culture.
  2. How are Anima Soul Light lamps sustainable? Anima Soul Light adheres to green design principles, prioritizing waste prevention, energy conservation, and durability. The company also supports local communities, providing job opportunities and promoting equitable economic benefits.
  3. Can Anima Soul Light lamps fit into any decor style? Yes, their unique blend of traditional and modern design elements enables them to blend seamlessly into both classic and contemporary interior designs.
  4. How do I care for my Anima Soul Light lamp? These lamps are designed for longevity. However, as with any item of value, regular dusting and gentle cleaning can help maintain their beautiful finish.
  5. Where can I purchase Anima Soul Light lamps? Anima Soul Light lamps are available through select retailers and the official Anima Soul Light website. Be sure to check for the brand’s authorized sellers to ensure authenticity.

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